Why Ari

Why does Ari want to be Mayor?

Toronto is my home. I’ve grown up, studied, worked and lived in this city. And now my city needs someone to stand up for it, because Toronto is at a crossroads. We can take a long-term view and make the tough decisions that will propel us towards security, prosperity and success, or we can put our faith in the same politicians who have failed to act and build for the future since before amalgamation.

All the candidates talk about investing in the city and planning for the future, but none of them have said how they plan to do it. It’s not enough to just say you want to invest in Toronto. You have to be willing to act by putting your support behind real solutions that are only achievable with money and strong leadership.

I’m not a career politician. I don’t check all the boxes a mayoral candidate is expected to check. But I do have one quality that a political candidate should have: when I see a challenge, I face it head on. It’s time for Torontonians to elect someone with a clear mandate who is willing take a stand, make hard choices and tell the truth.

I’m that person.

How is Ari qualified for the job?

A mayor is a leader, collaborator, negotiator and facilitator. They don’t need to be an expert on transportation, sewers, urban planning or any of the other areas in which municipal government plays a role. A mayor simply needs to be able to motivate people to embrace and invest in the plans that experts in those fields say is necessary to make the city better.

I have spent my career in public service and the pursuit of justice. As an experienced negotiator I know how to exercise power through influence and coalition building. I understand what it takes to bring people together to make tough decisions and determine the right solutions.

I am not a candidate who will make promises I know I can’t keep just to get elected. It’s time that the people of Toronto heard the truth, and that’s exactly what I will give them.

Why should you vote for Ari?

A true leader answers questions, listens, participates and respects the wisdom, talent and experience of others. Above all, a true leader understands that there may be short-term pain for long-term gain. Toronto needs to invest in order to succeed in the future. I am prepared to step up and help collectively make the kind of difficult decisions that other politicians have failed to make.

The time for buck passing and sugarcoating is over. It’s time to stand together and build the kind of future-focused Toronto that we can all be proud of.

Who is Ari?

Ari Goldkind is a lifelong resident of Toronto. Growing up, Ari lived in Willowdale before moving in with his maternal grandparents in midtown. At the age of 11, Ari began working at Maple Leaf Gardens selling peanuts, popcorn and crackerjacks to fans. In high school, he graduated to selling programs at the SkyDome (now Rogers Centre), a job that would eventually help put him through law school at the University of Toronto.

After graduating from law school, Ari entered the corporate law field. Well paid but unfulfilled, Ari eventually moved away from corporate law when he discovered a passion for criminal defense. In 2006 Ari opened his own practice, which he continues to run to this day. Ari’s passion for criminal defense is driven by his commitment to truth and justice, and his desire to defend those who are least able to defend themselves.

In his spare time, Ari enjoys cooking, reading and spending time in Toronto’s beautiful parks with his dog Ziggy.