Vision for Toronto 2020

Toronto is an incredibly beautiful, vibrant city. But I can see it being so much more than what it is right now. I envision a more livable, prosperous and successful city. What I am prepared to do today will lead us to that Toronto of tomorrow.

What do you want Toronto to look like in 25 years?

It’s time to make decisions about the kind of city in which we want to live. Are we content to simply continue to patch up existing problems, or do we want to be proactive about investing, growing and improving? Are you comfortable allowing one person or even a council of 44 people to be the only ones with a say in the future of this city, or do you want to be heard too?

This is your Toronto, and I want to know what you think it should look like. As Mayor, I’ll launch Vision 2020, a program designed to get valuable feedback from citizens about how to build our future together.

What can we do to make that vision a reality?

It’s time to be honest about what it’s going to take to make Toronto better. Infrastructure development demands that we make hard choices. We simply can’t build roads, sewers and subways without also raising revenues to pay for them. We also can’t allow unchecked and ill-conceived development to shape the city without input from all Torontonians.

While there are certainly major challenges to be addressed, the good news is not every answer to our problems requires a billion-dollar investment. We can implement smaller, smarter solutions to problems and test them in pilot programs around the city. Simple solutions won’t solve all our problems, but they’ll help Toronto become a more livable city.

Who can lead us to the Toronto of tomorrow?

It’s time to elect a leader who is willing to make difficult decisions and is focused on doing what’s best for the city in the long term because I will think beyond election cycles. It’s time Toronto had a leader who talks about building for the future, and can tell you exactly how they plan to do it.

I am that leader.