Press Release – Vote Wisely, not Strategically

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Toronto mayoral candidate Ari Goldkind is asking Torontonians to vote wisely, not strategically, on October 27. “It is obvious that a great many citizens share a discomfort in varying degrees for each of the top three candidates yet believe there is no other choice,” he says, “but there is, and it is important to vote in the interest of the city, rather than simply to stack the deck against one particular individual.”

Goldkind points out that contrary to Fordian economics, a city cannot exist by not spending money or waiting to be rescued by the Provincial or Federal governments.

“Imagine walking into a bank and saying, ‘Hello, I would like a $500,000 mortgage to buy a home.’ When the question arises as to your source of income you say to the bankers, ‘well, I am going to sell the air rights above my house, and I am going to start a home-based business. Folks, as soon as I have my business, the money will just come.’ Bank managers have a special trapdoor button for that kind of economic policy. Within seconds you will find yourself sliding down a tube and out onto the street.”

Goldkind has always believed that Torontonians, and those from around the GTA who use and benefit from our city, should see their own money reinvested in the city to deliver direct and immediate progress. “I do not want – three years from now – to have a mayor that says, ‘Folks, I promised you subways/Smarttrack/DRL/Buses, but the Feds backed out. It’s not my fault.’ Because you know that’s exactly what they will say. All three have this excuse in their back pocket.”

Goldkind believes that the last eight months of campaigning and debates have shown only one thing: the three frontrunners actually have very little new to say, and even less detail to back it up. “When pressed for explanations they’ve squirmed, pivoted, deflected and attacked each other. That has never been a trait of credibility in my book.”

Goldkind asks Torontonians to think seriously about the future of their city, and to read his More Than a Map transit plan, and his overall campaign plan/blueprint, both available at “I think we can be “21st Century amazing in this city,” he says, “and all it takes is some smart leadership untainted by the trappings of extended political life.”

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