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Mayoral candidate Ari Goldkind wishes to acknowledge the kind words of support sent to his campaign office by Justine Barone, Community Advocacy Coordinator, CRC Regent Park Community Food Centre. Her email reads as follows:

“Mr. Goldkind came to our debate prepared with refreshing alternatives to the messages his opponents have had opportunity to express in the media multiple times.  His respectful tone and emphasis on policies over personalities challenged the other candidates to better communicate the fiscal and social impacts of their platforms. This resulted in a debate that was more substance than show, something our audience members appreciated.  In addition to this, Mr. Goldkind’s presence contributed to an atmosphere of civility, permitting the discussion of issues rather than rhetoric.  In a democratic process such as an election, it is important that room is made for diverse voices and Mr. Goldkind’s platform deserves to be heard. His attendance and perspective contributed to the success of our debate and we were glad of his participation. We strongly recommend that he be invited to future debates.”

Goldkind states he is pleased and honoured to have been recognized in such a way, and he states these types of thank-you notes are typical of the reception he receives in all corners of the city from debate organizers, residents, and viewers. “The people of Toronto are tired of platitudes,” he said. “They are desperately looking for someone who can work with them to resolve challenges and to make true progress happen. Photo-ops don’t improve lives; plans and actions do.”

Goldkind continues to press the organizers of the remaining debates to allow his participation. “This is not just for my own exposure,” he states, “but also to ensure the other candidates work equally hard to substantiate their promises with fact, not merely buzzwords. The voters of Toronto deserve quality leadership, and I believe civil debates with the four leading candidates – myself included – will contribute to the democratic process as well as to the future of our city.

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