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For Immediate Release – October 23, 2014


Ari Goldkind’s More than a Map video which highlights his transformative vision for transit in this city has been viewed 10,000 times in 24 hours.  Goldkind has received an outpouring of support and interest in his More than a Map plan. Goldkind:

“Torontonians are hungry for a comprehensive transit plan that deals with both our present and future needs. And one that provides detail: how it works, when and why each part of it will be built and, most importantly, how we will pay for it”.

Tess Kalinowski of the Toronto Star yesterday called “More than a Map” plan an “epic transit platform” in her GTA feature article (link here).  She said, “The proposal outstrips the other candidates’ platforms in terms of new kilometres of rapid transit”.

Kalinowski notes that transit expert Cherise Burda, Ontario director of Pembina Institute “likes that Goldkind is specific about his financing plan”.  Quoting Burda:

“He’s not playing favourites to one particular neighbourhood. He’s got a big, long-term vision. He wants to build and keep building… It really is on the ambitious side…”

Michael Roschlau, President of the Canadian Urban Transit Association on Mr. Goldkind’s plan:

“I would call it audacious but visionary and transformational at the same time.”

Stephen Ledrew interviewed Ari Goldkind on More than a Map on CP24 on October 21st.

Ledrew – What is More than a Map? Goldkind: “It is called More than a Map for a reason. It is about connecting parts of the city that have been ignored for far too long. It is about convincing people in their cars and people who don’t use transit to use transit. And it’s about making this city billions of dollars if we invest”.

Ledrew- How do we pay for it? Goldkind: “We spend one billion dollars a year on policing. I am going to get us to that target on transit. If we can spend one billion dollars on policing our citizens we can spend a billion dollars on getting our citizens around.”

Goldkind: “The whole vision of this is doable, big, affordable and, most importantly, with my modest municipal 50 cents a day tax increase, will attract other levels of government to the table”.

Mr. Goldkind is available to speak to media.