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Voters and supporters demand it


Ari Goldkind’s supporters, and voters from across the political spectrum, called today for Ari to be included in all upcoming debates.

Goldkind states:

“The campaign narrative has changed. I’m a contender, and it is my new ideas which have been driving the conversation in these debates for the last four weeks. The other candidates have been reacting to my campaign, and now it’s time to react to my plans for this city, plans which include a substantial investment in a better place to live.

Debate organizers know they have a better debate when new ideas are discussed, and viewers aren’t subjected to the same old stump speeches and stale thinking. I’m the only candidate in this campaign who will tell you the truth; that building a great city costs money, and that we will have to raise it through property tax increases. It’s time for the other candidates to tell us why making Toronto a city we can be proud of again isn’t worth 50 cents a day.”

Goldkind urges media and the voters of Toronto to support his call to action for more open debates, stating that:

“The only reason I’m being excluded from these democratic encounters is the organizers are persuaded by other candidates that I’m not welcome, that they won’t show up if I’m included, or because I’m new. Perhaps they’re afraid of losing their audiences. It’s time to tell debate organizers that the audience wants Ari, and regardless of whether you’re a supporter or not, you know it’s a better debate if Ari’s in it.”

To respond to Goldkind’s call to action, please contact the following debate organizers:

Mr. Goldkind is available to speak to media. Contact