Press Release – Goldkind wants to put Mayoral Candidates on Trial

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TORONTO – SEPTEMBER 24, 2014 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. Toronto Mayoral candidate Ari Goldkind believes that the current mayoral candidates should be put “on trial” to substantiate the claims and comments made during campaign stops and debates.

His reaction comes on the heels of the September 23 MountDennis debate featuring Olivia Chow, John Tory and Doug Ford. “This event hastened our race to the bottom,” Goldkind stated, “the unruly and disrespectful behaviour of the audience was matched by the expected fabrications and deflections from the candidates. The evening did nothing to further the cause of Toronto citizens, despite the best efforts of the debate organizers and moderator.”

Goldkind feels it is time for a better way to ensure the candidates in this election are being truthful with the public.

Goldkind, who currently ranks fourth in the polls, proposes a trial-type forum be established for each of the leading candidates, including himself, before the conclusion of the campaign period in October. “This would be an event chaired by a tough-as-nails interviewer, it would be recorded by independent media, and no question would be allowed to be evaded. The Toronto public deserves answers, not slogans.”

He points to the court system in which he works as a trial lawyer. “You cannot bluff a judge,” he states, “if you are going to claim you have saved a billion dollars, or that your transit plan will take seven years to complete, you have to prove your facts and not evade the question.”

Goldkind blames an inadequate system of accountability for the free-for-all that he sees dominating the race. “The leading candidates know they can make a grandiose statement about a supposed past achievement or future goal, which will turn into an immediate sound bite, and by the time the facts are checked, everyone has moved on to something else. In my opinion, this shows contempt for the system. In the justice system, contempt of court will put you behind bars.”

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