Press Release – Goldkind releases ‘Ari’s Agenda’

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TORONTO – SEPTEMBER 23, 2014 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. Toronto Mayoral candidate Ari Goldkind released highlights of “Ari’s Agenda” – ten bold initiatives designed to use existing municipal revenue sources rather than relying on unguaranteed federal/provincial revenues.

“We have been told that the challenges facing Toronto are too big, and that the problems are insurmountable. But they’re not,” said Goldkind. “We’re talking about a 50 cents a day tax increase. Half a dollar a day for a full city. We don’t have to accept the mantra of No – we can simply say Yes.”

Highlighting what he describes as the wide range of important issues that are being left behind while the frontrunners continue to repeat their transit platforms, he announced that it is time to talk about the issues that can be solved immediately. “Every other candidate is basing their platforms on what the federal and provincial governments can do,” he stated, “but I want to show Toronto what we can solve in the next four years.”

Goldkind provided details of ‘Ari’s Agenda’:

  • Price congestion to reduce gridlock.
  • Deal with the mentally ill in our community in a more compassionate and effective way.
  • Guarantee new ideas at city hall by way of term limits.
  • Ensure that the Pan-Am Games serve as a springboard for affordable housing.
  • Bring to Toronto the compassion that reflects the ‘simplicity of yes’.
  • Ensure that the waterfront serves the entire city and not just part of it.
  • Repair aging infrastructure now before it fails.
  • Control the police budget back to 2010 levels.
  • Make our city more accessible and senior friendly.Make sure that alternate routes are kept clear during major thoroughfare closings.

“The other candidates in this election are trying to buy your vote, I’m going to earn it. We cannot simply wait for something that may or may not happen 10 years from now,” said Goldkind. “We are going to invest in the city now. Get results now. Do the right math now. My position? The future of this city is worth 50 cents a day per average household.”

Ari will speak to the press and take questions on Tuesday, September 23 at 11:00 in front of City Hall. Alternatively please contact us to arrange an interview at another time.

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