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Ari Goldkind Proudly Releases his Donor List: names and amounts


Toronto mayoral candidate Ari Goldkind released his campaign donor list today, which included both names and amounts given. 154 people donated online to the campaign, for a total of $17,631, and $2,500 was received via cheques. To this Goldkind contributed $40,000 of his own savings, for a campaign total of $60,131.

“I am immensely proud of this small amount,” Goldkind says, “and with what I and my team were able to achieve with it.” He points out that in the space of eight months he was able to move from unknown to longshot to fourth place candidate. He participated in debates, and gained increased respect amongst the press, and with voters. This, he feels was due entirely to a combination of a genuine personality and a realistic policy, something that he found truly resonated with people in all parts of the city.

“Most significantly, we have been able to show Toronto just what can be done when vision, intelligence and honesty are applied,” he says. “We have been able to create viable plans for transit, housing, accessibility, congestion, people of all ages, the environment, and even pets. Not just ideas, but actual plans with real numbers and timelines – plans that have impressed a great many people through their detail and practicality.” Goldkind points out that over the eight-month period he has repeatedly heard people express that he had the best policy, vision and plan, and that many were surprised to see so many positive ideas come from an individual with no political name recognition.

“This is what we were able to do on a shoestring budget,” Goldkind states, “while the other, better financed candidates spent their time creating plans they couldn’t explain, and shouting each other down at every opportunity.”

He adds that fundraising was never high on his agenda. “We did not make a push for money, as I was never comfortable asking for it. We held one fundraiser, asked online a few times, and placed a “donate” button on our website, but we wanted to see where I could go on honesty, determination, and speaking the truth to Torontonians, even as a political outsider.

“I believe I have shown that the future of Toronto can be conceived and executed in a truly fiscally responsible manner,” he says, “and that is what a 21st century city needs in its leader.”

To download the voters list in PDF, click here.

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