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Toronto mayoral candidate Ari Goldkind today took the bold step of releasing the highlights of his entire platform as a blueprint not just for this election, but as a blueprint for decision-making after October 28. Building a City of Yes is a compilation of policies that Goldkind has gradually put in front of Toronto voters and the media over the course of his campaign, which began in mid-March and has since galvanized the city as much as any grassroots campaign in recent memory.

“The decision to compile my entire platform for ease of reference and review is fundamentally a statement of my passionate belief that informed public policy debate must become something greater than a function of election cycles and political whims.” says Goldkind. “It grew out of the response to my transit plan, which was a powerful illustration of why political candidates owe it to the electorate to release detailed thinking based on dialogue and engagement instead of policy that’s simply based on election strategy. There is never a bad time to release good policy.”

Goldkind’s Building a City of Yes platform starts with a documentation of his remarkable campaign, which grew from an impulse to a small team to a bona fide movement of residents who worked tirelessly on his behalf and spoke with great passion about their desire to hear Goldkind’s voice to be part of the debate discussions. Policy areas covered in-depth include:

  • Taxes & Budget
  • Transit
  • Congestion Pricing
  • Accessibility
  • Housing
  • Childcare
  • Policing & Justice
  • Environment
  • The Green Ribbon
  • Waterfront & Billy Bishop Airport
  • Arts & Culture
  • Mental Health
  • Dying with Dignity
  • Seniors
  • Congestion Pricing
  • Economic Development
  • Pets

“When I started this journey in March, I was a man who loved the city deeply for what it has given me, with a fundamental belief that Toronto needs to do better to make the opportunities that I had accessible to everyone. I had an instinct and confidence, inspired by my inner circle, that my skill sets and personal qualities could be valuable in a leadership role. And I had strong opinions on core issues that resonated with thousands of people I met in person or connected with via regular and social media.”

“This platform is a reflection of that connection over the last seven months, as well as experts whose life’s work is based on individual policy areas. It’s about how the people of the city see solutions that work for them taking shape, starting, most importantly, with real leadership. Because the real work of making great policy that will push Toronto forward towards the potential of what it truly can be doesn’t end on Monday October 27th.  It starts on Tuesday October 28th.”

To download Building a City of Yes, click here.

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