Press Release – Ari Goldkind should be part of all remaining Toronto Mayoral Debates

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To Toronto’s Voters:

Ari Goldkind is a candidate for Toronto Mayor. He is bringing forward fresh ideas and challenging old stale promises. You deserve to hear what he says.

“The problem is that nobody is willing to say how we’re going to pay for this infrastructure, but I am” – Ari Goldkind, Mayoral Candidate Brickworks Debate Sunday September 14, 2014

“Ari added to our debate, elevated the conversation, held Ms. Chow and Mr. Tory to account, and demonstrated that he was a worthy addition. Our team was very pleased that we invited him” – Reverend John Joseph Mastandrea, Organizer of the Interfaith Debate

“Debates during an election season exist for the sole purpose of educating the public as to the opinions of the candidates running for political office.  It is an abuse of the electoral system when debate organizers refuse to allow the participation of emerging newer electoral candidates within their debates, so as to give the appearance that only pre-approved ‘career’ candidates are worthy of being heard by the public” – Brett Belchetz, BSC, MD, CCFP

Unfortunately he’s being shut out of many debates by the usual backroom politics.  Some debate organizers think the only choice is a vote for Chow, Ford or Tory. Their decisions impact the democratic process and need to stop.

We, the undersigned, urge all debate organizers to put Ari where he belongs — on the debate stage sharing his ideas.   Let the choice of Mayor be made by the people in the polling booth — not the organizers in the backroom.


  • Alan Baker, Former CEO of Visage Cosmetics
  • Dennis Raphael, PhD Professor of Health Policy and Management Graduate Program Director, Health Policy and Equity, York University
  • John Struthers, Lawyer
  • Jon Graham
  • Sean Robichaud, Lawyer
  • Leora Shemesh, Lawyer
  • Kathryn Wells, Lawyer
  • Brett Belchetz BsC, MD, CCFP
  • Les Klein, Founding Principal Quadrangle Architects

Ari will be debating Mr. Tory, Mr. Ford, and Ms. Chow tonight (October 5) at the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto and the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) Debate at 7PM.

To interview Ari Goldkind or any of the people listed above: