Press Release – Ari Goldkind confirms his support for Toronto Libraries

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Responding to direct questions emailed from a group of concerned library professionals, Toronto mayoral candidate Ari Goldkind today confirmed his commitment to supporting and rebuilding Toronto’s library system, which has suffered neglect and attrition under the Ford term.

In answering, Goldkind stated, “I feel one of the best ways to reinvest in a library is to regenerate public interest in it. Many people might have lost touch with their libraries, feeling that the Internet is a suitable replacement. They will likely have lost touch with the fact that every dollar invested in public libraries yields a six-fold return. I feel that heightened publicity about all of the services and resources available at the libraries, both in the physical buildings and online, will bring people back, and will help them see just how much a library forms a centerpiece of the community. Increased public awareness then paves the way for increased funding.”

Goldkind adds, with regard to recent job losses within the library system, “An expanded library system will make it easier to reinstate more secure, full-time jobs for professionals of all ages. As with my previous comment, I believe that greater public awareness of the variety of services available at the library, will allow it to regrow, and will allow more funding to be accessed.”

Goldkind, who has gone on record as a supporter of the library system (see a 45-second YouTube clip from the September 29, 2014 Arts Debate) emphasizes, “The differentiator is that I firmly believe in libraries and I have experienced their value first hand. So, in comparison to the Ford regime that sees less value in libraries, I am a strong supporter, and am personally interested in seeing them revived across the city, and will commit to this.”

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