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Porter Expansion debate proves Toronto politics are broken

Debate ignores real costs and real benefits behind an expansion

TORONTO – MARCH 31, 2014 – Toronto Mayoral Candidate Ari Goldkind spoke out today on why politics as usual on Porter Expansion debate is a disservice to the people of Toronto.

“The Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport expansion is the key to unlocking a tremendous financial gain for the owners of Porter Airlines that relies on the sacrifice of public lands along the waterfront,” said Goldkind. “This sham debate is a continuation of the kind of Toronto politics that has let the people of Toronto down time and again.”

The Porter supporters, Mayor Ford and John Tory, know that a Porter expansion could lead to tremendous personal financial gain for the owners of Porter Airlines. Yet, those two candidates hide behind dubious job numbers as a reason to support a flawed expansion agenda.

The real questions that need to be answered:

  • Is a long planned Porter IPO contingent on a runway expansion at Billy Bishop Airport?
  • What are the potential financial gains to Porter CEO Robert Deluce if a Porter IPO is launched?
  • Do Porter employees have any financial ownership of Porter like WestJet employees and therefore also stand to gain from a Porter IPO?
  • Why is the debate ignoring the fact that Porter route expansion plans are primarily for tourist destinations and not business travel?
  • Why do Porter’s job numbers ignore the impact of the new Union Pearson Express train being built by the province?
  • Why are Mayoral candidates Ford and Tory supporting an expansion plan that could jeopardize the waterfront for no discernible gains in travel, tourism or jobs?

“It’s not good enough for Robert Deluce to hide behind being a private company when its success is 100 per cent contingent on public resources.” said Mr. Goldkind. “The people of Toronto need a full, open and honest debate about the real costs and who benefits from this major decision.”

Toronto needs a Mayor who will make the case for Toronto and not be afraid to tell the truth – Ari Goldkind will be that Mayor.

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