Post CITY-TV Debate – More of the Same

More of the same

TORONTO – MARCH 27, 2014 –Mayoral candidate Ari Goldkind today commented on the CityNews mayoral debate held early Wednesday evening.

“Going into the debate, I predicted a lot of vague commitments, fuzzy numbers, and a complete lack of faith in the people of Toronto and that’s exactly what I saw,” said Goldkind. “The candidates all had the opportunity to clearly explain what their plans are and how they expect to pay for them, but they chose to attack each other instead.”

Goldkind plans to hold candidates to account for their lack of vision and inability to speak straight to the people of Toronto.

“The candidates at the debate spent their time making the case for themselves instead of presenting a clear vision of what they’ll do to make our city better,” said Goldkind. “It was embarrassing and disappointing to see the so-called leading candidates bicker like children on a playground at a time when Toronto needs leadership.”

From the beginning of his campaign, Goldkind has been clear that his plans will require investment in infrastructure that will necessitate increases in taxes.

“Some candidates are pledging to limit tax increases to the level of inflation, others are planning to sell off profitable city assets to fund their proposals, some haven’t provided plans at all,” he said. “Hoping that funding will arrive without making the hard choices is little more than magical thinking.

“I’m offering Torontonians a path to a more prosperous future by investing in the infrastructure we need while also increasing transparency and accountability in government. That’s something I think we can all get behind.”

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