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August 21, 2014

I wish to take this moment to acknowledge the hard work Karen Stintz has done over the past few months. Her background and experience has contributed to the value of this election season, by forcing all candidates to engage in intelligent debate, especially in the area of transit and community. Although Ms. Stintz has chosen to no longer pursue the Mayor’s chair, she worked hard to serve the citizens of Toronto and her efforts and grace should be recognized.

Her departure leaves a 20% hole in the debate platform. It is essential that this space not disappear. The citizens and voters of Toronto deserve an ongoing dialog about the issues that affect them – some large, some small, some spoken about at length but others hardly mentioned at all.

I am asking respectfully and humbly for your assistance in getting my name included in the list of debate participants, moving forward. As you know there is a groundswell of people in this city, including journalists, writers, city officials, and citizens who have heard me speak, who have read my articles and press releases and who have recognized that I have some very valuable and progressive points to make. They, and I believe that my candidacy serves the city by bringing forth the issues that the front-runners refuse to touch.

My actions and words have proven that I am not a “fringe” candidate or an individual with a single pet project. People now refer to me as the “longshot candidate.” I am proud to have earned that title, and I see it as a growing sign of respect from those who care about the issues of this city.

I ask for your help in ensuring a balanced an intelligent electoral race, by involving me in your election coverage, and by assisting me in getting invited to participate in the remaining debates.


Ari Goldkind


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