Ari Goldkind wants to use an app to help end hunger

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Mayoral candidate Ari Goldkind wants to help reduce hunger in Toronto, using new technology to help. “The technology exists to crowdfund a hunger solution,” he states, “and I want to bring it to Toronto.”

Goldkind points to an app called ROUNDUP, created by a hunger-fighting organization in New York City called Spare. When agreeable and interested people dine at participating restaurants, and the cheque arrives, the app rounds the cheque amount up to the nearest dollar, and that small amount is directed towards a hunger-management organization such as a food-bank or street service.

“The amount rounded up is very small,” Goldkind points out, “in fact the most it could ever be is 99 cents, however when this is done by thousands of people every day, we would be able to make some major strides against hunger both for kids and adults.”

Goldkind takes pride in the possibility of introducing initiatives such as ROUNDUP to Toronto. “I want to bring Toronto into the 21st century where it belongs,” he said. A lot of that has to do with using intelligent technology to help us with traffic, employment, and in this case, hunger.

Goldkind spent Thanksgiving Day at the Daily Bread Food Bank learning about their incredible work fighting hunger in our city. Goldkind’s ROUNDUP initiative in Toronto could significantly help the Daily Bread Food Bank continue to feed the thousands of people across Toronto who rely on food banks.

This is particularly important because over the last five years major supporters of organizations like the Daily Bread Food Bank have reduced funding and/or in-kind product donations, forcing these organizations to find innovative solutions for raising revenue.

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