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Now that the election is over...

I first and foremost wish to thank each and every one of you who read my platform, who communicated with me through social media, who spoke to me at weekend festivals, who attended my town hall meetings, who wrote to me, tweeted to me, supported me, both morally and financially, and who either voted for me, or wished they could have voted for me.

Secondly I wish to congratulate Mr. John Tory on his victory.

I have enjoyed this past year - looking at our city, asking what we could do better, and proposing ideas for just that. And I plan to stick around.

I will still issue op-eds and press releases, and I will continue talking to people on my show "The Truth."

I invite you to stick around also. I think this election showed that there are many good people in this city who are motivated to make a change and to bring us, socially, technologically, and every other way, into the 21st century.

So I do hope you will keep in touch, either through this website or through Twitter. We have lots to do.

The City of Yes: My Platform in Full

This is my platform, summarized in one single document. Although the election is over, I wish to leave this available for people to look through. This plan is what I stand for. I believe it to be straightforward and fiscally realistic. Please click here to downoad and read in PDF, and please tell me what you think.

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